Influencer marketing is more than just posting your product with an internet celebrity. Selective scouting, negotiating, and content strategy is what most agencies miss out on.  

Let's face it, meme marketing agencies like @fuckjerry have given the industry a bad wrap, but it's effective. Meme's are underpriced, organic, and the reach is massive.


Meme style content published on our accounts can often reach 5X the impressions of the original post.  

We walk the talk. We don't just spend client budgets and speculate on paid media. We engage in ecommerce ourselves! 


We pioneer experimental media buying on platforms including Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok, delivering profitable ROAS 


We optimized our initial retargeting campaigns achieving 7X ROAS within the first week, and an overall account lift in new customer prospecting while simultaneously dropping overall customer acquisition cost by 40%